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para esta noche tenemos a otro de los grandes Robert hood, el principe del detroit techno set de recorrido por grandes trabajos clasicos, y trabajos de nueva factura,pero como siempre con su estilo inconfundible.espero que disfruteis del este set como yo he disfrutado semana que viene tenemos a otro grande richie hawtin,el proximo sabado aqui en techno show parade
para los que no han podido oirlo en directo
for tonight we have another, top, Robert hood, the Prince of the detroit techno set of travel for great classics works , and , new Bill works , but as always,has a special touch .hope all enjoy, coming week we have another big Richie hawtin, the next Saturday here in
techno show parade
For those who didn’t listen live, here is a record of the set…
Robert Hood Realm 2
Monobox – Molecule (Vinyl)
Robert hood - all day long b2
M-plant (Vinyl)
Aufgang - Barock (Robert Hood Remix)
The Vision (Aka Robert Hood) - A2 - Explain The Style (Vinyl)
Robert Hood Internal Empire (Vinyl)
Robert Hood - Untittled
Nighttime World Volume 1 (Vinyl)
Robert Hood Resurrection
robert hood teflon
Robert Hood - Technatural EP
robert hood - rhythm
Minimal Nation (Vinyl)
robert hood - the protein valve (b3)
Axis07 - Robert Hood grey move(Vinyl)
Robert Hood Self-Powered (Viniyl)
Mutant Theory
Tranquilizer EP (Vinyl)
A SPACE DRONE is an artifact made to physically replace man in the exploration of the Unknown.It can be designed to endure extreme environmental threats and last, unattended, a duration far beyond that of a single human life. Therefore, because it may be source of all knowledge that its creators will never have in their lives, it is, in a sense, an effort of ALTRUISM and FAITH in the elevated aspirations of human kind. MAY THOSE ASPIRATIONS PERPETUALLY EXIST AMONG US! Be aware, there are those journeys that no drone will ever make in our stead. FEAR NOT: EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN!

Das ist die erste Release von VON auf Nachtwandler Records mit einem TWIST3D Remix.

This is the first release of VON on Nachtwandler Records with a TWIST3D Remix.
Primer lanzamiento de Von para Nachtwandler Records Con un Especial Remix De TWIST3D

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